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We believe in community, sharing and building relationships. We are excited to share the view of clients who have experienced HealthSpace and have been kind enough to socialise it using either Google, Facebook or Trip Advisor. We welcome the opportunity for You to share your experience here too.

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5.0              47 reviews

FABULOUS!!!!!! Julia is amazing and I wish I found her years ago :) Highly recommend Health Space and Julia x

Michelle Richard & Sara Fun

It's always such a treat to come here. Everything is so stylish and it smells amazing, so from the moment you walk in it's a calming and relaxing experience. I love it and can't recommend it enough :)

Martyn Evans

Facebook reviews

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5.0              43 reviews

Had a wonderful Indian Head Massage. Very relaxing. The bed is just so comfortable. Highly recommended, I emerged from the treatment room feeling great.

Claire Tagg

Had a relaxing experience, the massage from Sonja was very good and freed up  a lot of knots and tension, the staff are all friendly and welcoming. 

Nicky Lowman

Tripadvisor reviews

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5.0              38 reviews

Wonderful Retreat
I was so pleased, to discover Health space, it's attention to detail is excellent, clean and luxurious.Sonya's massages are blissful and Nathan deep sport massage is great too.I highly recommend you book a visit you won't be sorry!


My daughter arranged for me to have a facial as a Christmas present. I was looking forward to it but had no idea how wonderful it would be. It was probably the most relaxing experience I've had in years.