Your Guide to Feeling Revitalised this Autumn

To some, Autumn is a season that evokes feelings of apprehension and dread when the days are drawing in and the build up to Winter takes its toll. But I’ve always embraced the season as a time to refresh and renew. With nature in all its glory displaying a gorgeous assortment of colours, it’s a time to connect with the natural world and share in its cadenced process of restoration. Let me share with you my holistic approach to feeling totally rejuvenated in mind, body and soul this Autumn.



I have recently finished an eight-week Mindfulness course here at HealthSpace and I am learning to bring a consistent practice into my daily life. Autumn is the perfect season to appreciate those simple things in life; blackberry picking, the smell of a bonfire or the hot cup of tea after a chilly walk with the dog. Mindfulness is simply a particular way of paying attention on purpose – of looking deeply inside yourself, without judging. It is powerful and effective for healing and self-understanding and can benefit you in all areas of your life. Whether it’s through meditation or simply taking time to pause, mindfulness allows us to avoid becoming overwhelmed by everything going on around us.


It’s important to restore and protect your body by allowing it to strengthen. Surround yourself with Autumn’s splendour by spending time exercising outdoors. Clear, fresh air to fill your lungs and an escape from the treadmill of life makes outdoor fitness a perfect choice for renewing and revitalising. Autumn has to be my favourite time of year for running and I have recently taken up Pilates to help strengthen my core and aid recovery after a run or work out.


Allowing yourself the time for relaxation is so important for releasing stress from your body physically and mentally. One way I achieve relaxation is through massage. A good massage can reduce anxiety, improve mood and revitalise your spirit. Often clients come for a massage when their condition (mental or physical) has become chronic. Massage is now part of my maintenance programme. Me time.

This holistic approach through mindfulness, fitness and relaxation allows me to approach the change of season, from Summer to Autumn with renewed energy and a feeling of positivity and calm.

Here at HealthSpace, we know how difficult it is to fit your self-care into a busy schedule, and that’s why we offer treatments for all these areas of your health under one roof.


Come and say hello!

We would love to welcome you to our space here in Bishops Waltham. Come and find out more about our holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Claire Symes

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