Special Open Day on 14th May

Come to the HealthSpace Open Day on Saturday 14th May 10am - 4pm. Meet the practitioners and discover how they might be able to help improve your health and wellbeing. We have assessments, educational talks and special taster sessions throughout the day.


Free assesments

Katie Hopper, McTimoney Chiropractor, will be offering free postural assessments and Julie Weston, Nutritional Therapist, free 15 minute consultations.


Health Screening

Private GP's, Dr Steph and Dr Tom, will be offering:

- Cholesterol testing
- PSA (Prostate specific antigen) testing
- HbA1c testing (diabetes check- no fasting necessary)

Dr Steph, will also be doing a short talk on the ROCA Test, an ovarian cancer test, that is twice as effective as current screening methods. The ROCA Test will be available through WinchesterGP at HealthSpace. You will further have the opportunity to book a full wellness screen with Winchester GP for a reduced rate.

Educational Talks (15 mins)

11.00am ROCA Test (Dr Stephanie Hughes)
12.00am IBS and Nutrition (Julie Weston)
2.00pm  Traditional Acupuncture (Vida Woods)
3.00pm  ROCA Test (Dr Stephanie Hughes)

Taster Session- £5 for 15 mins

Sports Massage
Mini Manicure
Mini Facial Massage

Contact  Book call 01489 874100            

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