ROCA test for detecting ovarian cancer early


- The ROCA® Test is the most validated ovarian cancer test in the world
- Its clinical trial involved over 200,000 women from across the UK
- Recent trial results showed 20% of lives currently lost to ovarian cancer may be saved by screening
- ROCA® Test has proven to be twice as accurate as the existing CA125 blood test

A new ovarian cancer screening method, called the ROCA® Test is now available. Results published in December 2015 showed that screening with the ROCA® (Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm) Test followed by ultrasound when necessary could reduce ovarian cancer deaths by a fifth.
Private GP practice Winchester GP is proud to offer this service from HealthSpace.

Dr Tom Willsher said: “The ROCA® Test is proven to be twice as accurate as the existing CA125 test, and is more affordable than ultrasound and existing tests. Ovarian cancer is the silent killer, as it often has no symptoms and is therefore often detected too late. The ROCA® Test represents a major step in improving the diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and therefore survival rates.”

Currently there is no routine screening for ovarian cancer in the NHS. Furthermore, doctors usually only offer the CA125 test after a woman is showing symptoms, by which time the cancer has usually spread beyond the ovaries.

For these reasons, ovarian cancer survival rates are poor. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women, but of the 7,100 women diagnosed per year in the UK only 46% live beyond five years of diagnosis.

ROCA is a simple blood test that uses age, menopausal status, lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer and serial blood measurements of CA-125 levels over time to produce a score that indicates the likelihood of having ovarian cancer.

The ROCA Test is intended for postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 85 with no known risk factors other than age, or for certain women between 35 and 85 who are considered high risk due to family history of ovarian or breast cancer or a mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 or Lynch Syndrome genes.

The ROCA® Test costs £150 for the first screen. The test is done by a consultant, who will also charge a fee. The ROCA Test and fees are £225 for the first test.

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