Yoga styles and HealthSpace

HealthSpace has a new, modern Yoga Studio that promotes calm and tranquility.
We also offer a range of Yoga  styles with five different teachers for the September 2016 season.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha simply refers to the physical aspects of yoga, basically the postures or asana that we recognise as yoga in the west. Therefore, all types of yoga could be called Hatha whether it’s a slow and meditative or fast and energetic. However, yoga is much more than just the physical postures, it is an ancient spiritual science that first developed 5,000 years ago in Northern India by the Indus-Sarasvati people who spoke Sanskrit (hence the names of the postures still being in Sanskrit) yoga translates as ‘to yoke’ or unify and its goal is to unify the breath, body and mind and to ultimately allow the practitioner to achieve a higher state of consciousness or enlightenment. The postures and Pranayama (breathing practices) are only the first aspects of the true practice of yoga, there are also spiritual and moral codes. The Yamas are about avoiding violence, not lying, stealing, wasting energy, and possessiveness, while the Niyamas ask us to embrace cleanliness and contentment, to purify ourselves, to constantly study, and to surrender to something greater than ourselves. There is also the practice of Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation).

Although the roots of yoga are spiritual, not everyone who practices yoga today seeks this level of enlightenment or commitment. Most students are attracted to the benefits of the physical postures, meditation and breath work, as they help us calm our busy minds, create stronger and healthier bodies and ultimately reduce stress.
Above all yoga helps us know ourselves, fostering a deeper relationship with our bodies and minds and helping us live our lives more fully and more consciously.

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic style of yoga where each movement is synchronised to the breath so that you flow in and out of postures in a smooth way. The focus of your mind on the breath helps to achieve a state of moving meditation. This is quite a strong practice that gets the heart rate up as well as strengthening and stretching the entire body. Often sequences are creative and vary week to week so that there is always a new challenge.
Bernice, Gemma and Jurga all teach this style at Healthspace, the classes vary depending on the experience and confidence of the students.


A deeply relaxing practice that focuses on achieving stillness and quieting the mind. Your body will be supported by bolsters and blocks to allow you to completely relax into the postures which you will hold for sustained periods. This style is very gentle and allows for the energy channels of the body to open, tapping into your body’s own natural ability to heal and renew. There will be a long yoga Nidra (a state of conscious deep rest) at the end of the class.
Gemma runs a once a month restorative class on the last Friday of each month from 7.30pm-9pm

Ashtanga - meaning 8 limbs

Developed by Indian yoga master K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga yoga is prescribed set of postures that is physically challenging and designed to build heat in the body. It detoxifies and purifies the energy systems of the body by focusing on deep Ujjayi breathing and employing the Bandhas (energetic locks).
Jurga is looking to start an Ashtanga class soon at HealthSpace.

About our Studio at HealthSpace

To get the best from your Practice we need all our senses calmed, which is why we have a climate controlled environment; in winter we have under floor heating & in summer we have gentle air cooling. The studio provides a serene Yoga space. A large window overlooks the entrance garden, but a perforated blind shelters you from bright light enabling you to see out but visitors can't see in. We have a roof light, designed to bring light into the back of the studio but is non-disruptive to Yogis. We provide Airex Calyana Prime Mats, offering superior comfort & stability. We have our own Mandala.

For more information on our classes please contact the teachers directly and they will be happy to talk you through any questions. Online booking is also available.

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