Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health holistically by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. It is a personalised, client-focused and science-based approach that enables practitioners to work with clients to address the underlying causes of health issues and promote optimal wellness through utilising nutrition, lifestyle, environmental and mind-body medicine.

In the consultation your practitioner will identify and thoroughly assess the genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors that may contribute to your symptoms and health issues, use functional medicine testing as appropriate and then synthesise all the gathered information to co-create an individualised and comprehensive health plan to address your unique needs.

You may want to consider a functional medicine approach if you:

  • Take several medications including painkillers

  • Have any long-standing condition / health issue whether attributed to a diagnosis or not

  • Have a healthy diet and lifestyle, but still don’t feel and / or look well

  • Want to take a deeper look at your body and mind using a science-based framework with the goal of reaching optimal health


Your Practitioner


Dr Indika Gunaratne

Dr. Indika is an experienced GP having many years of devoted service to the NHS. Despite her first-class conventional training, Dr. Indika felt increasingly disheartened by the fact that people of all ages seemed to be getting sicker, both mentally and physically.

She found that the conventional toolkit of prescriptions, specialist referrals, surgery and psychological therapies coupled with basic lifestyle advice wasn’t offering a complete solution to the health of her patients. Moreover, sub-optimal health and progressive disease or dysfunction was being accepted by both clinicians and patients alike, as being part of their “new-normal” life.

Dr. Indika experienced her own health struggles and followed the conventional standard of care, but this didn’t help her feel better in any sustained way. It was only through her focus on good nutrition for her daughter that Dr. Indika discovered a different approach to health which goes beyond nutrition and lifestyle: Functional Medicine. She started to use this approach to heal herself and noticed a fulfilling transformation in her patient encounters as she brought elements of Functional Medicine to her NHS consultations.

Now a passionate advocate of Functional Medicine, Dr. Indika empathises with those who are going through their own mental and physical health struggles and fully understands how challenging it is to implement sustained lifestyle and behavioural changes within the fast pace of modern life.

Functional Medicine session times

Wednesday 10:00am - 14:00pm Functional Medicine with Indika

Functional Medicine consultation fees

Dr Indika offers an in-depth health package. Please enquire through our reception for information. (Indika)