Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is a practical skill that helps you to identify and prevent unhelpful physical and mental habits which cause unnecessary tension and pain. It teaches you how to release tension and rediscover a more natural and balanced way of using your body contributing to greater overall well being. The Alexander Technique can be applied to all activities whether sitting at a desk, walking, bending to pick something up, playing an instrument, running, performing on stage or at work. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical mobility.

Key benefits:

  • Help relieve back

  • Neck and joint pain

  • Improve balance and posture

  • Reduce muscle tension and stiffness

  • Relieve stress related conditions like RSI

  • Breathe and move more naturally and freely

  • Help prevent injury and improve performance in sport, music, dance and drama

  • Gain poise and confidence


Your teacher


Finn Kellow-Webb

Before studying the Alexander Technique, Finn was a Physical Education (PGCE) teacher with professional qualifications as a rugby and tennis coach.

He first witnessed the powerful role of the Alexander Technique when his sister started having lessons which resulted in literally freeing her from a life of pain and medication caused by double prolapsed discs. Having also suffered from back and knee trouble he embarked on lessons and found that his sports performance and energy levels improved noticeably and he no longer suffered from a tight back, neck and shoulders.

His most revealing discovery was that by noticing and re-educating habitual postural and mental habits his body and mind began to work in closer harmony which in turn resulted in him moving more freely, having a better presence of mind, improved posture and staying relatively injury free to name a few benefits. Now the Alexander Technique is an integral part of everything he does whether running, walking or sitting at his desk.

Finn is also a Certified Life Success Principles trainer, mentor and speaker. He trained with Jack Canfield, Americas No 1 coach and trainer and many other personal development experts. Finn is an experienced & skilled educator with a background of 15 years teaching and sports coaching. He is a natural empathic and passionate coach with a strong commitment to helping others realise their inner potential and genius.

Alexander technique session times

Thursday 9:00am - 1:00pm Alexander Technique with Finn

Alexander technique consultation fees

Alexander Technique initial consultation 30 mins Free
Alexander Technique follow-up treatments 30 mins £38
Alexander Technique course of 6 lessons   £216
Alexander Technique course of 10 lessons   £342