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Manual therapy helps restore movement and function affected by injury, illness or disability. more

Deals with the prevention of injury & rehabilitation back to optimum levels of functional & sports specific fitness. more

Restores health holistically by addressing the root causes of disease.more

A type of talking therapy that allows you to be open about your problems and feelings in a safe environment. more

An effective, gentle, form of manual therapy, relieving pain, discomfort and associated stress. more

Stimulates your own healing responses, enhancing body, mind & spirit as a whole. more

Pressure is applied to particular reflex areas on your feet, to encourage the body’s own natural healing processes. more

Helping to relax & release tension in your body, massage can boost the immune system & stimulate the circulation. more

A regular professional facial massage is the best regime you can give to your skin. more

A completely new & indulgent experience in our very special & purpose designed Spa room more

A non-surgical option to improve your appearance. more

Our Studio provides a serene space for Yoga, Pilates and MELT in small groups.  more